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Firstly, how are you? We hope you and yours are doing the best you can as we all work our way through this astonishing CO-VID 19 pandemic.


Everyone is dealing with difficulty and uncertainty and please know we are very concerned for the well-being of all.


One of the many ideas we are implementing to enhance our own survival may, we hope, also enhance your feelings of positivity.


We have launched a series of fresh-made, daily-changing meals: both ready-to-eat-just-add-heat, to dishes you can store in the fridge or pantry.


With everyone’s safety in mind, we will deliver your order to you and observe all of the very important social distancing and other health imperatives.


We’ll post each day’s menu on our website and you can order by emailing office@taylorandholmes.com.au of calling 8354 1716.


Please stay safe, take care and find enjoyment as often as you can.



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