How Kate Hobby became

Taylor & Holmes

I’ve been involved in food all my life! For my first 18 years, it was mainly for my own satisfaction throughout that time, the core principles to which I work have not changed: only choose the freshest produce and ingredients from local suppliers to ensure our customers can enjoy the highest quality food.


For the next 10 years, it was the absolute joy of creating AND eating great food, with family and friends. And since 1990, it’s been the much wider joy of corporate and event catering.


We have enjoyed continued growth and have evolved into a focussed and mature business, underpinned by our strong family values. Today, these values are stronger than ever and are at the very heart of who we are. Which is why we are called Taylor & Holmes.


It was Mum (the Taylor) who, from my earliest memories, instilled in me the principle beliefs that really delicious only comes from fresh, quality, nutritious and local ingredients. And that the most important ingredient is the type of care that only comes from love…‘If you make every dish lovingly, those who eat it will know. It is something they can taste’, is something my Mum still mentions to me, regularly.


My father (the Holmes) taught me the absolute joy of wonderful food and its role in our lives beyond sustenance.


Our company name also is a loving nod to our children, who carry as their middle names, Taylor (Victoria) and Holmes (Henry). For us, food is the magnet which draws our family to the table. And it is then that the fun, memories and love becomes very apparent, in the form of opinions, thoughts, ideas, plans, laughs, tears, wine and the incredible wonder of life. I think about that every time I design a catering menu.


The starting point for every occasion, every client, every single job, everytime is always this belief: it is what the food served says about the relationship between the host and the guest that is all powerful and memorable.


To ensure a delightful experience for both parties, I always adhere to those lasting, timeless truths that apply to wonderful food preparation: always absolutely fresh; the highest quality; as local as can be; clean and balanced; generous flavours and this above all else: made caringly with love and respect – a love of great food and respect for the important role it plays for our clients and their guests.


I ensure our food honours people. That’s our pleasure. And because I’m always thinking about food I never forget its importance.”

Kate Hobby